Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Update

Today we spent $4 to buy a photo button for my daughter. It's her first basketball season and she helped pay for it. She only had $1 saved but it was something!

We also put $5 of gas in our van. We are on limited driving until I get paid for baby sitting or my hubby gets a check.

I've realized that being self employed is harder than I thought it would be. . I've also learned why many self employed folks are in debt. And the most important thing I learned is just because you've earned the money doesn't mean that you will be paid promptly!! On paper we make just enough to pay bills but we fall behind because we must wait on checks to come. I'm extremely grateful for being able to earn extra money, at this point I might be earning $100 a month between baby sitting and baking, and I'm also very grateful to be playing the CVS game again. I've been able to keep our household budget at under $5 for the month of January.

How is your spending freeze going? Have you found a neat way to reduce your spending?

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