Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Couple Ways to Earn Christmas Money

Since our Christmas budget is extremely small this year we're trying many different ways to earn money to help pay for Christmas. One of the main things I've done this year is sell my old junk gold. I'm talking about jewelry from outdated stuff from high school.

I am also using Swagbucks again. I quit for awhile but now I'm using it all the time. If you would like to try swagbucks click on the swagbucks icon on my blog!! I don't have many people who I've referred so I'm only earning $10 in Amazon gift cards a month- but that's something!!

Have you heard of Amazon's trade in program? It's a really neat program that you can trade in your old movies, playstation/xbox games, and textbooks for Amazon credit!!! I just earned $75 in credit that I'll use toward presents, groceries, or homeschooling needs. Go here to learn more about trading in your gently used items.

I've also used a children's consignment store and Half Price Book store to help make some money.

Do you have any creative tips on earning some extra money?


Melanie said...

Great ideas! Thank you so much! I need to look in to these right away.

LOVE your blog header! I just posted a blog post about this verse! :) By the way... I just recently started offering free backgrounds on my blog design site. I would love it if you have time to take a look and give me your feedback. I would like to get ideas on what styles people would like to see...

have a great day!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

I don't have more to add on making money for Christmas. However, have you considered making gifts from things you already have on hand? That's what we do each year. I make over clothing, make dress-up clothes using what I have, etc.

Last year I wrote a guest post entitled Christmas on Zero-Budget. I included links for free printables and gifts you can make from items you already have, as well as links for remaking clothes and free tutorials for sewn gifts. You'd be surprised how many things you can make with what you already have!
This year, I've made one daughter a warm hat usings scraps from past sewing projects. She is getting a coat purchased from a garage sale this summer for $5. Using the same scraps I used for the hat, I made her doll a coat to match her new one. I am also making her a pair of mittens (tracing around her hands and adding a seam allowance for a pattern) using a bit of fleece that I have. You could use an old sweater as well, which is what I used for mittens for the baby this year. The sweater is a wool sweater that I bought for $3 at the thrift store. I've cut up the sweater and I used it as the warm lining for a coat for the baby.

I'm using the leather from a broken purse to make a pair of baby shoes.

For my boys, I am making pajamas from some flannel sheets that were given to me from someone who was downsizing.

The children have all asked for handkerchiefs. I make those from cotton sheets (when one sheet in a set wears out, you can use the other one for projects).

I am also making doll clothes for the girls, and the boys are getting ties for church that are from garage sales this summer.

I am making some rose barrettes using ribbon (some of it came on gifts from friends last year) and barettes that I have. I am making bookmarks for stockings from cardstock and clear contact paper.

My family is getting homemade apricot jam, apple butter, and pomegranate jelly.

If you think about it, you can probably make quite a bit using what you already have.

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

hi there, I am new to your blog. :)

Here is what has worked for us: Sow and water your seeds. As a gardener you know that it might take time for something to sprout and grow but when it finally does you can have a plentiful harvest and more seed with it. :)

For years my husband and I have sown seeds. Seeds of generosity and love. Whenever we bought someone a gift, gave a missionary money for a need or purchased them something, or provided a friend with shoes or clothes, or money for grocery, we did it knowing and believing we were sowing seeds for when the time came that we were in need, God would supply our needs.

I have been a Christian since 1993 and God has always proved Himself faithful in my life. I know my children will always have what to eat, shelter and clothing because He is faithful. We faithfully for over 4 years have monthly given to a ministry in India that houses, feeds and ministers to 50++ orphans and children.

the law of sowing and reaping is like the law of gravity, it works every time. As a believer in Christ, make sure you water those seeds with faith in your Supplier. And as a gardener you know you don't need a big seed, the tiniest seeds can bring forth the biggest fruit!!

Don't wait until you have to sow, sow what you have in your hand today!

PS thanks for the tip on the trade-in program for Amazon. I used to do Ebay but no more: too much work for little return.

Be blessed,