Thursday, July 8, 2010

No Spending Update

Yesterday I spent another $13 in gas! I cannot believe how much gas I've been using-I'm really going to have to stay home much more. July has been a busy month for us with 4-H, our Summer reading program, VBS is coming in 2 weeks, and then our county fair. I surely didn't pick an easy month to have a no spending challenge!

We're hoping to have enough chicken feed to last the rest of the month- if we do there shouldn't be any other chicken expenses until it's time to take them to the processor. We could process the birds ourselves to save even more money but it's not that expensive to have a local family do it!

Other spending $10 for my hubby's smokes/tobacco as well yesterday.

Total for the day- $23.00


Forever Neighbor said...

I think you are doing a wonderful thing. It has me thinking about doing a no spending month for our family but of course starting small; like no spending until the next pay period and then work up to a month. You are doing great and a true inspiration!

ZenGirl said...


Wow, you are doing great so far! I am so impressed and proud of you.

I am doing okay in no spend month, much better than my last week.

Were you able to barter for diapers? I use mix of disposables and clothes both, it sure helps. Keep up the great work!