Monday, June 28, 2010

July Challenge

We're starting a challenge for July...a NO spending challenge. This will be a tough month for it because we do have our county fair the last week of July and we'll have to be there every day to take care of my son's chickens. However, I'm determined to make it work. I'm not counting any extra money I make from holding yard sales, farmer's market sales, or from selling to consignment, any money that comes from those will go to the fair fund and curriculum fund.

My hubby had surgery last month and was off work for 3 weeks so money is tight right now. We also just got a bank statement and realized we ate out a lot during his mini vacation!! I was happy to see that my gas usage was down and came in under $100-my goal for this month is $80, I don't know if we'll make it or not.

Our garden is starting to produce cucumbers, small peppers, and some raspberries/blue berries and we've been picking wild raspberries to help our grocery budget. I'm still trading baked goods for milk and eggs so we're good there as well. I'll also have several chickens at the end of the month after we butcher ours. I think I'll be able to stay out of the grocery store most of the month! I will be going to some Amish roadside stands to fill in the fruits/veggies.

I'm also holding our final yard sale of the season in two weeks. I'm putting a ton of stuff in my yard sale pile so I'm hoping to get rid of a ton of stuff and make a little money too.

Our spending freeze begins on July 1 and will end August 1.
Want to join me?


~Sara said...

I was just talking about this at dinner tonight. I would love to join. The only big expense I see for July is my husbands birthday. He is going to be 30 so I am throwing him a big BBQ at our house. This will be a little pricey but I am hoping to halt our spending for most of the month.

lisa said...

I will join you to..I need to buy groceries and then from there on will be no spending..I love challenges like this...Lisa