Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saving Money on Homeschooling

This year our home school budget has taken a hit. I am on a mission to have a wonderful school year next year on a tight budget. One of my favorite ways to stretch the budget is by hitting the library book sales.

The first thing we do is pray that we find some great deals and that God will help us stretch our money!! Next- we take our change jar and cash it in--that's all our library sale money.

Last night we found a huge bag of goodies and some home school curriculum for $8!!

I bought four of the American Girl teacher guides for $1!!!

How do you stretch your home school or book budget?

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Forever Neighbor said...

That is great deal on your American Girl steal! We are blessed when it comes to homeschooling because in the state of Alaska if you homeschool and participate in their homeschooling program they give you allotments per child to help pay for your homeschooling. It has been a HUGE blessing for us. Unfortunately, they do not pay for Christian based items but I don't mind paying for those when 3/4 of my curriculum and my children's extra-curricular activities are paid for. Plus, I try to re-use most items from my daughter so I can use them for my son.