Sunday, February 14, 2010

Real Food Challenge Week Two

This is the second week of the Real Food Challenge and let me say that this week was much
easier! I was happy to see that I have been making some good decisions in our kitchen.

Day #8: Fats for High Heat
I have been using butter and coconut oil. I've also been cooking at a much lower heat since switching to grass fed beef.

Day #9: Fight Against GMOs
I have almost completely removed all GMO products from our home. My goal is to start March with out any GMO products in our home. It's been a struggle though because my husband still doesn't understand why I want to eat this way!!

Day #10: Fats You Shouldn’t Cook
I'm still struggling here!!

Day #11: Bake Some Sourdough
Again we're struggling. None of us like sourdough here!!

Day #12: Find Real Milk
We've been drinking raw milk since October and we love it. We go through about six gallons of raw milk a week. We are very blessed!! I'm so grateful to have found somebody we trust and it is relatively cost effective. If you are concerned about using raw milk with your children- all of my children ages 1-11 love it!! My kids refuse to drink "fake milk" from the store now.

Day #13: Get Your Bacteria
We love yogurt here. I'm still hoping to figure out how to make raw milk yogurt that isn't so runny. My daughters really love yogurt!!


angela said...

Hi, I just wanted to ask how you know if foods are GMOs? Thanks, Angela

marcella said...

You are doing great! I need to work on the non-GMO challenge - it's just not something I've really looked at when buying groceries. I'm sure there are some lurking in my kitchen! I hope we get some yogurt making pointers too, my attempt at raw milk yogurt was truly a failure.

Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen said...

You're doing great! Sourdough is definitely an acquired taste, but if you don't care for it you should try a no-knead (non-sourdough) recipe as the slow-rise has much of the same effects as a traditional sourdough, but without the characteristic sour flavor.

I think in March, we'll be doing a serious no-GMO challenge by picking a different company each week and asking them to stop using GMOs. You in?