Monday, February 22, 2010

Real Food Challenge Week #3

Week three wasn't a great week for me. I found that some of the assignments this week were for things that we just don't eat.

Day 15: What's a SCOBY?
This was the first assignment of the week, I'll admit that I'm just totally afraid of trying
Kombucha. I don't know that I ever will. I'm happy to just drink plain water all the time.

Day 16: Get Cultured (Veggies, that is)
Again, this isn't something that any of us like. I might try this more when our garden is producing again.

Day 17: Making Yogurt at Home
I have tried this. I wasn't able to try it again last week though because it wasn't in the budget. I am hoping to try again this week.

Day 18: Make Cheese at Home
I have made mozzarella cheese at home once with raw milk and it turned out awesome. I will have extra raw milk this week and I will be making cheese again. I'm also going to try my hand at making ricotta.

Day 19: Preparing Seeds and Nuts
We just don't eat any seeds or nuts at our home currently. They aren't really in the budget.

Day 20: Maximizing the Nutrient Value of Beans and Legumes
Again, we don't eat any of these items at our home. My husband and kids just don't like them. We are a meat and potatoes kind of family.

Day 21: Relax and Evaluate
I really am enjoying this series. I would love to eat a totally TF diet but there are things that we just don't enjoy and I'm not willing at this point to spend money on items that possibly won't be enjoyed. I am finding that it's okay to say no to certain items and we can still be eating TF and be healthy. I am learning how to prepare certain items which is nice but I wonder if any others feel the same way. I believe that if we're hitting the major items in our home....raw milk, grass fed butter, grass fed meats, fresh raw veggies/fruits, and no processed foods then we are doing pretty good. My big goals for the up coming week is to conquer homemade yogurt since we eat a lot of yogurt.


Jennifer said...

I have found that. There are many foods that are processed at home a certain way in order to, I guess, increase their nutrient value? We prefer to just eat the basics though. A meal for us frequently consists of cous cous, grilled chicken and a huge plate of fresh veggies. And we don't get tired of it. I think you are doing great.

marcella said...

We're with you too! We can eat naturally and healthfully without eating absolutely everything. Our bodies are different our tastes vary and some have allergies and such to consider too. You're doing great!

Jenny @ Nourished Kitchen said...

Even if you don't care for the flavor of fermented foods, it would be really good for you to try them or, if you still can't get into them, make sure to take a therapeutic grade probiotic. Sour pickles can be pretty appealing as far as naturally probiotic foods go.

Hope you enjoy the final week!