Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year New Schedule

My husband and I have been going over our budget and seeing just where we have holes. It seems that I spend a lot more money than I thought on gas for our van. I knew I was running a lot but it didn't seem to cost anymore. The numbers however don't lie.

We are very blessed that we live next door to where my husband works so he has no commute costs. That means that 95% of our gas usage is mine. My total spending for gas for December almost $200. OUCH!!!!

I want to cut that in half. My new plan is to actually stay home. Here is my "new" schedule:
Monday-Thursday afternoon will be at home days. I have only one problem here and that is I need to pick up milk on Tuesday. I don't think I'll be able to avoid that trip. I pick up milk on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our school week will finish by lunch on Thursdays because our afternoon is busy with ballet, sewing, and milk pick up.
Friday will be our field trip/ friend day.
Saturday will also be a home day
Sunday will be church day.

You might wonder what's changing. My son was doing a Science class that met two times a week. We have decided at this time to drop this class, by doing this our running will be reduced greatly.

What are some ways you're able to cut back on your gas usage?


Jennifer said...

We really have to factor in driving when it comes to kid activities. I try to maximize things and at least have 2 kids doing it - it worked better when we homeschooled. Keeping things close to home makes a difference too. Good luck with your goal!

Cara said...

Driving is a big factor with kid activities. I was limiting my 'across town' driving to once a week, but now it's crept back up to two. Plus we take my truck to church. All that has driven us up 'one fillup a month' which is my goal to stick to, going to have to see what hubby thinks about doing errands after church (with tired hungry kids...) again.

I try to price out my trips; ie it takes $6 of gas to get to Costco and back. Or $50 for the 'free' day in the forest. But it's only $3 for a trip to the close park with a walking trail that allows dogs :)