Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Letter From the Trenches

To whom it may concern,

Homeschooling five children and keeping a house clean is not doable. A dog in heat is not fun and makes for a crabby mommy who is chasing a dog and a four year old who wants to take off the dogs diaper. Fractions should be made illegal. I hate spelling.

Hi I'm Autumn and I have home school burn out. Life gets in the way of my perfect home school day and when we get behind I start worrying that I'm failing my kids. And then that big yellow bus pulls up and picks up the neighbors children and I wonder, am I doing the right thing?

Many days I see the fruit of my labor, kids that help each other and help their momma because I can't do it all. School goes well, my struggling reader finishes a book all by herself, the four year old plays quietly, and we make memories. But then there are days like this...

It's rainy, chilly, dog's in heat, kids can't focus, mom can't focus, the house is a wreck, and I can't do sixth grade math let alone explain it to my child!!! I want to throw in the towel. I want to give up. But then I remember God never calls us to do things that He won't help us through. He called me to teach my children. He will gently lead us if I will let him. His yoke is easy and burden light.

So, I give up, I give up my life to my Lord and follow His call.


frugalredneck said...

Tomorrow is a new day, or sometimes Next week is a new week!!!! I had that day today, I have twins with severe adhd, and a 2 year old that on his birthday became possesed by terrible twos lol I cried today, Think I may have ripped out a few of my hairs(hopefully some grays lol) But ahhhhhhhh All in bed now, And my older 3 are cleaning up the house So I can breathe for a few minutes!!!!! Tomorrow will better.....I hope!!!! Good luck and don't forget to breathe Frugalredneck

missy said...

God bless you!!! I know how you feel I have 5 also and I don't homeschool. You will make it w/ God's help.

Jennifer said...

Homeschooling is hard, I know, and everyone has a bad day sometimes, whether you homeschool or not. Sometimes I think that adults think that kids aren't allowed to just have a bad day or feel bad or sad or whatever. But in reality, everyone has off days. Sometimes everyone has a bad day together (my day today) and you can do what I am doing - declaring that when everyone gets home we are going out for ice cream and that just might be our dinner because I don't feel like cooking. I hope today is better!