Monday, November 9, 2009

House Update

Last week I told you about an opportunity to move into a new house. We went to look at it yesterday. I was almost hoping the inside would be horrible and I wouldn't want to move. Here's what I thought...
The living room is has fireplace with a wood burner insert, all hardwood floors and is just huge. It is definitely a dream living room.
The kitchen is just a kitchen. It's not very big and does not have a dishwasher. It's hard to compare our current kitchen and that one because our kitchen is a dream kitchen.
There is a dining room which we currently don't have.
A full basement..partially finished. We could put a play room there and a study. Also would give the kids a place to run in the Winter.
Washing machine is in the basement...currently our home has a laundry room.
There is a two car attached garage...currently we have a shed.
A cement driveway...currently we share a driveway with our neighbors.
The new house has 3 wonderful acres that we can use however we want. I have to admit this is what I really like. My dream of having chickens and a huge garden would come true.

The downside is that my husband would have to drive to work and we're worried that if his current job slows down he might get laid off since we currently rent from his boss.

I look at it and see the space for the kids and dog to run around. Our current home is smaller and we've outgrown it. I see possibilities. Dreams coming true. My husband sees three acres that he would need to do something with and the possibility of losing his job. I see space...glorious space.

Again I ask what would you do?


Jennifer said...

I guess my feeling is that you would hate to put in a bunch of work and money into 3 acres that you are only renting to have to move for some reason. Fencing, animals, etc cost a lot of money and require a lot of time and work (I know you know that) what if the renting doesn't work out? What if you are there a year and get it the way you want it and something happens? I think I would stay put and save money to buy your own property. Good luck, it must be very tempting.

Jonalynn said...

Believe it or not, I'm in a very similar position. I've been passing by a house in the country for months now that is for rent. I finally called about it and it sounds soooo perfect. I too could have the chickens that I can't have in our current home. It has wood floors and a deck! I was ready to start packing, but we've been working Dave Ramsey's steps out of debt, and moving really isn't in the plan right now. I pray I can continue to be patient and that God has the true "perfect" place in mind for us. I'm sure He does for you as well, it sure is hard to wait though!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

Pray about it.

We wanted to move somewhere where we could have those things, too. That wasn't the answer I got, though.

Having a dishwasher and a laundry room are great blessings that you use every day.

Perhaps you can rent a little space o nthe back of someone's bigger lot for a garden and some chickens; I know someone here who is doing that while renting and they said it has been really good for them.