Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No Spending Month Goals

September is a no spend month for us. We have gotten a little free with spending money lately and we need to get it under control again. I am hoping not to spend any money unless needed. Here are some of our goals for our no spend month...

1. No eating out. We have been eating out much more than usual due to daily football practices. However, public school is back in session so now we are only running two nights a week.

2. No online window shopping... this always breeds discontent for me and I end up spending "a little" money to get a good deal on something I didn't need to begin with.

3. Avoid thrift stores and yard sales unless I'm looking for something specific and shop with cash- not the atm card!!

Those are my top three areas in which I waste our money. I am hoping to really see our savings add up by avoiding those three areas.

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