Friday, September 18, 2009

Frugal Fridays

One of the ways I keep clutter at bay and make some extra money is by having a yearly yard sale. We are a family of seven living in a small house and are currently working our way to get debt free, I decided yesterday to have our yearly yard sale today and tomorrow. So far we've made a decent amount of money and we've cleared out so much clutter that we're clean sweeping the house again tonight so we can fill the yard up again tomorrow!!

My tips for a successful yard sale are...
1. Price your stuff to sell...not make money. All of my clothes are always $.50 each, kids shoes are $.50 each. My books are $.25 each unless it's home school curriculum and then it's usually $5 or less!! Toys are usually $1 or less.
2. Collect stuff all year long. I store all my stuff in our basement until I get sick of looking at it and then haul it up for our yearly sale.
3. It helps if you are really tired of all the clutter then decide to have yard sale as soon as'll get rid of stuff and make some cash!!
4. I let the kids keep their money if they sell any of their toys.

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