Saturday, September 12, 2009

Busy Day!

After picking what seems like a billion apples yesterday the girls and I decided to make apple juice. It isn't very hard but it does take a long time. It doesn't look like store bought juice...perhaps it's the apples I used?? I will be canning 7 quarts of apple juice...if we like it we'll be canning much much more of it. My kids love their juice and I love that this juice isn't made from apples grown in China!!

I also finally made yeast doughnuts...oh my word...these are really good. I could eat all of them. Our house smelled like apples and doughnuts all day today. If I just didn't have to clean up the mess it would be great!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Autunm,
I can smell it now. I love the smell of Fall.You are doing the same thing I am. Moving away from processed foods. Homemade is better.

~Sara said...

That is so awesome! Homemade donuts sound so yummy. I thought about doing that next week with my kiddos because we will be talking about the letter D. My mouth is watering thinking about it!

Jennifer said...

Oh, I would love to know how you did the juice. We will be apple picking soon and I was contemplating a trip to the produce auction for apples.