Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finding Extra Money in the Budget

This is a new beginning for our family...our son is playing football and our two oldest daughters are signed up for homeschool ballet and gymnastics, all of the oldest three also have weekly horseback riding lessons. We are entering into a time where we once again need to keep an eye on the budget... no more eating out or going to random yard sales just for fun. I know that some families don't allow their children to do extra activities but we feel that it's important for them to explore their passions. We don't have a lot of wiggle room in out budget but a little and we're willing to spend some of it on them!!

My biggest challenge in finding extra money in our budget is finding things to cut that won't "hurt" too much. My husband just has to have his HD cable package to watch football, so cutting that won't work. I know my biggest spending falls into the $5 and $10 here and there spending. I need to stop...I do so good for a long time and then I start spending again. My first goal is to post every day where, why, and how much money our family has spent. I want to see where our money goes and see if you all can find some things to cut out of our budget!!

Anybody else up for the challenge of finding extra money in the budget??

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Jennifer said...

I totally agree with you on spending the money on the kids activities. Activities are good for them, as long as you don't go overboard. I have 2 extremes. 1 child who wants to try everything and each season plays a different sport and 1 child who has done gymnastics and nothing but that since she was 3. She sometimes mentions other things, but when she has to choose (the times always conflict) she sticks with gymnastics.

We had so much fun at the auction! I took my oldest. I got 10 dozen ears of corn for $10. A peck of okra for $8 and 8 pecks of roma tomatoes for $40. Guess what I have been doing lately? I am not parked on the couch and can hardly move. LOL I have the second batch of tomatoes in crockpots now and will can them tomorrow. Then I am down to just the corn to deal with and we are already through half of it. I can't wait to go back.