Sunday, July 5, 2009

Becoming a Homesteader

Our homestead challenge went well. I learned how to use cloth diapers which really has cut my need to play the drug store game. I have hung 99% of our laundry since the beginning of our challenge.

The kids and I have rediscovered a love for our local libraries and have saved $100 or more in borrowing books instead of buying them. We've also saved tons by borrowing dvd's from the library instead of the video store. I did subscribe to a magazine it's called Countryside and I totally love it. It has very helpful articles about homesteading and living frugally. I consider this a huge find and plan on keeping all the magazines to assist me in our journey.

The kids have been riding every week which is helping us to realize just how much work a horse is. It means no days off or vacation for the most part. Getting farm animals is a full time job that I'm not sure we're ready for. Our puppy is doing great. We love her!! I'm very glad we're taking small steps towards owning more animals.

The garden is doing great. We picked two red raspberries off the bush and we'll be picking some cucumbers and green peppers and yellow squash by the end of the week. We're also planning on heading to my Aunt's to pick black raspberries later this week. I hope this time we'll be able to have enough to snack on and to freeze.

I did find that we are on the go a lot more than I thought. I also see that I am grocery shopping way to often. My new goal is to avoid the store. I need to stick to cleaning out the freezer and stocking up on whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and baking supplies. I am planning a stock up trip to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's for baking supplies and meats. I also need to pick up some suckers for rewards since school will be starting before too long. I'm planning a large freezer session next week. My oldest is going on a work and witness trip for a few days this week. Next week will be the calm before the camp, fair, football starts, VBS at church, and then back to school! I would like to get two months worth of meals into the freezer. I'm also going to be organizing our homemade cook book and really kicking out the clutter to deep clean this week and next.

Did you learn anything new on your homestead journey?

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~Sara said...

I am glad your challenge was a success. I enjoyed reading your posts.