Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What we did yesterday...

The kids and I went berry picking and picked 10lbs of strawberries... half of which has already been eaten. The berries weren't really ready yet so we'll be going back on Thursday to pick more for jam making.

It finally rained so the garden has perked up. I will be doing a lot weeding later this week.

We hung two loads of laundry yesterday, I was tempted to just use the dryer but didn't give in...it looked like rain but the wind dried the clothes in record time.

I did our grocery shopping last night... a total of $59.00

6lb organic apples
1lb red raspberry
2lb cherries
1lb hot dogs ( used free coupon)
2 packs of organic pop
2 packs of chips a-hoy---for hubby
2 bottles of organic lemonade
1 bag of gluten free cookies
10lb potato
1 pack of organic gummies
1 box organic granola bars
1 pack of organic graham crackers

If you noticed there's no meat, milk, or eggs it's because we're eating down the freezer stash and we've found local milk and eggs.

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