Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Simple Life?

I used to think that having a more simple life was well, more simple. As each day of my homestead challenge goes by I realize that living a simple life isn't simple...it can be exhausting!

Today my son and I decided to take apart his old bed and bring the new bed frame in, sounds simple enough right? Okay, here's where I went wrong first, I asked my 10.5 year old to clean his room and his old bed also had a toy box so that needed emptied too. I love my son but his version of clean and my version of clean are two totally different things!! We were finally ready to take apart the old bed when my one year old wanted to take a nap, however we pushed through ( mistake #2) and walked around the screaming baby and yelled at each other. I've never done any taking apart of beds or putting them together and my son thinks he knows everything so I didn't listen to him when he had a great idea...my idea cost us at least 30 minutes more work (mistake #3). After a quick nap and cool down time we were back to work. At some point there was a temper tantrum ( not mine!!) and a light bulb was broke. There was some loud voices used (mistake #4... are you still counting?) and a slight temper tantrum by me. But, 4 hours later my son's room looks way too grown up and awesome. I can't deny that he's growing up on me...and it was nice to complete this project together...when did my little boy become a little man??

Simple living takes work...it means planning ahead.

It was very humid here today so I used our crock pot for dinner and waited until after dinner to weed the garden. I missed out on making homemade rolls for dinner because I lost track of time. I almost bought some from next door but decided that wasn't an option. I should have planned better and dinner would have been great... I also should have picked our lettuce for a salad...but again I didn't plan well. I am grateful that I found a twin bed frame for free instead of spending at $100 for a bed and this time planning ahead paid off... I knew what I needed and waited till I found it.

The benefit of a simple life...

After dinner I took my youngest girls outside and they played in the sandbox while I weeded. My son and hubby were playing the X-box together and having guy talk. My other daughters were playing a very elaborate game on our back porch and eventually came to find me and helped me weed. It was then I realized... we could enjoy each other because we chose to have a simple life...we don't have ball games or practices every night. The only night we have to be out is Wednesday for riding and church, the rest of the time we just enjoy each other...even while pulling weeds.

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