Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Homestead Happenings

Saving for the dream....
My husband finally sold his Harley, we broke even which makes us very happy.
We stayed home with Daisy yesterday so we didn't spend any money.
I hung our laundry on the line.
I used our cloth diapers all day...I did order 3 more so I hope that will be enough and I ordered a bag to hold the used diapers until i wash them.
Instead of buying cloth wipes, I bought a 18 pack at Walmart for $4, I also bought more dish clothes so we won't need to use paper towels except for puppy accidents.

In the kitchen...
We're still eating from the freezer.
My menu planning is going well. I still need to work on a lunch menu!!
We've been eating up all the leftovers and not letting fruit or veggies go bad.
I've saved all my milk bottles and will get free milk later.

In the garden...
We weeded the berry patches yesterday.
Most of my plants are doing great.

Around the house...
I'm joining the Happy Housewife in a summer challenge of de-cluttering. Today we will be taking 3-4 large garbage bags to Goodwill. I want the house to be really clutter free for the upcoming school year.
We will be going to the library today for free movies and books.

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