Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun Friday

My mom, my girls, and I went to "town" today and went shopping at Whole Foods. I love that store!! I have found some of the best prices on certain foods there. I bought some stock up items like organic chicken broth, various organic fruits, cereal ( we only eat organic or additive free or artificial color free cereal), milk, turkey, ice cream ( only place to carry Rice Dream for a great price), and other fun stuff. Total Spent- $140.00

We stopped at two yard sales and I found various books, a couple outfits for the youngest, a few small toys, shoes, and more stuffed animals. Total spent $25.00

Garden Update...
Two of our tomato plants have blooms!
My zucchini all have blooms.
I found buds on two more pepper plant.
My potato plants are coming up nicely.

I can't wait to start eating from my garden!!

We ate at home today except for a quick lunch out total spent $10
I wanted to eat out tonight but instead I made a pizza. We're watching a movie from the library and eating popcorn from the stockpile for fun.

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