Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Reading Programs

One of the ways I have found to keep our book budget down is to enroll my children in all the summer reading programs we can. Half Price Books offers $3 gift cards for each week you read 15 minutes a day. If you do the entire program from June 1- July 31 that adds up quick! We also use Barnes and Noble where they can earn two free books each. We have three libraries around us and we sign up for each program, some offer new books, others food coupons.

This year I'm also hosting our own summer reading program and will be offering WebKinz for each 15 books read or a limit of two webkinz a month or they can choose a cash prize!! I'm hoping this will help my struggling reader. My book lover will be reading off our summer reading list.

Summer reading programs save money and are a way to keep their brains from going to mush!
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Lynne said...

We always join the Summer Reading program at our library. It's also promoted in the school I work in. At the end of the summer there is a free entertainment program for the kids. They only have to read about 7 books to get a ticket to the show. They also get an ice cream at the show too. It's great b/c of course the library is full of FREE books!!

Tracey said...

We also use our library's summer reading program. The girls love to read anyway, but like the extra motivation of a few prizes at the end!