Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Kroger Run

Tonight my shopping helpers and I made a quick trip to Krogers. Here's what we bought

*3lb strawberries
* 2 English cucumbers
* 10lb bag potatoes
*5 lbs of organic lean beef on managers special
*4 lunchables ( shopping helper wanted to get treats for the others left with daddy!)
* 4 packs of Angel Soft Toilet paper

Total $14.85

They were out of capri sun and the seasonings so I'll make another trip before church on Sunday


Suz said...

Great buy! Esp. with the beef! Way to go!

I love Krogers Manager specials!

Anonymous said...

I'd consider that a great buy just for the beef...so terrific with the other items. Organic ground beef is about $5/lb here and I can't seem to catch it on markdown so we don't buy much of it!