Thursday, January 8, 2009

21 Days of Nothing Update

I am finding it difficult to not spend any money. Things I never thought of keep coming up, like I coach my girls cheer leading squad and pictures are on Saturday and I'd really like to get my eyebrows waxed however I don't need to! Also what picture packet do we really need? Maybe my son should have to pay for the picture he really wants that we don't need? Co-op fees are a budget killer too, I keep second guessing the classes we signed up for...could I barter something in exchange for the fee?

I have to say though that this spending freeze has really made me look at why I spend money. Mostly I spend just to make myself feel better, I like that shopping high I get from finding a great deal. Recently I was challenged to write out 100 dreams...none of them involved having closets full of clothes, tons of toilet paper, or having every home school curriculum I find interesting. It was all about raising my family and buying a forever home to grow old in with my husband. Not about the latest book or new shoes. I am finding that I can't actually blame the economy on my failed dreams, it is my spending that keeps me from achieving my dreams. My husband doesn't make tons of money but there is always money left if we spend wisely that could be saved for a rainy day.

I'm really hoping that this spending freeze will break my must spend habit.

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~Sara said...

I too have really evaluated why and what we actually spend money on. I really think once this challenge is over it will have changed our spending habits forever. At least make us more aware! Stay strong. Your doing a great job.