Sunday, December 21, 2008

My CVS Run

The kids and I went to CVS bright and early this morning to get all the deals I's how it worked out.
I bought
5 bottles of the Arm & Hammer cleaning solution $2.99- $1 coupon
1 bottle of Complete Contact Solution $8.99
1 bottle of excederin $3.99- $2 coupon
2 boxes of bandaids $.99 - $.50 coupon
2 bottles of Sally Hansen nail polish $5.99- $3/2 coupon
1 candybar
2 buckeye candy bar
2 bags of Halls Natural Cough Drops $2.59- buy one get one coupon
2 bottles of Listerene

Total before coupons...$63.99 Total after coupons and ecbs...$.78 and still have lots of ecbs to use!!

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