Monday, November 24, 2008

Frugal Christmas Challenge Day 2

Here is your assignment for day two....
Are you sending Christmas cards? You did purchase them on clearance last year right? LOL... Do you even have to send cards or do you see the people that you usually send them to? Maybe this is the year to just send an e-mail type card. Or just a phone call!! Really think about this purchase...does it bring you joy to sign all those cards and lick all the envelopes or is just something you feel has to be done? If it doesn't bring you joy then take it off your list and use your savings to buy a Starbucks for you and hot chocolate for your little elves!!

We don't send Christmas cards because I've never had the extra money for all those stamps. I buy boxes of cards after Christmas for 90% off and just give them to people as I see them. How about you?

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