Thursday, October 30, 2008

cherry pickin' at it's best!

Wow!! My Kmart had super doubles again this week... my total before coupons $81.67
.....after coupons a grand total of 10.86!! I bought tons of free lifesavers, cleaning supplies, lotion, and other stuff. The best part?? Most of these items are going in gift baskets for Christmas.

Next stop Meijer... total before coupons $57.90.... after coupons $12.00 plus I received $14.50 back in OYNO coupons!! Here's what I bought, 2 boxes taco shells, 6 boxes jello ( for food pantry), 2 gallons water, 2 bags frozen peas, klondike bars, 2 containers of Breyers all natural ice cream, 4 glade warmers ( 2 transactions), 2 Pampers wipe 77 ct box, and 4 3-packs of yeast.

Final stop Krogers... total before coupons $35.11... after coupons $3.64. Here's what I got... 4 bottles Purex Laundry detergant, box of Always infinity female items, 5 cans tomato sauce, pack of cottenelle, 2 buddie bars, baby oil, and oatmeal.

This has been my best savings week yet, there was nothing I needed but plenty to stock up on!

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