Friday, October 5, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

This weeks marks our fifth week of back to home school! I'm teaching all five of my children this year plus three daycare girls. It's been a challenge to find time to fit everything in, but I'm finally finding my groove. It's also slightly hectic because I'm teaching three separate curriculum's for three different student groups.

My oldest is in 9th grade this year. We stuck with Sonlight for him because he loves to read. He retains so much information with this curriculum. He is pretty hands off in the teaching department. We do meet everyday for question and answer time. Our computer desks are right beside each other so we discuss a wide variety of topics all the time!

 The best thing I could've done was switch to Trail Guide to Learning Paths of Exploration, for my oldest two daughters. I love that it's all laid out for me and there is minimal prep time AND the girls LOVE it!!  The only down side that I see in this curriculum is that it requires a ton of hands on time with me. I can't just give them an assignment and walk away.

My little girls are both doing kindergarten this year. We are using Little Hands to Heaven and Language Lessons for Little Ones. They are also taking a weekly 3 hour kindergarten class at our home school coop. The other big hit for kindergarten is Pinterest! I am finding the neatest ideas on there! We usually do several projects from there daily.

Around the homestead:
I was finally able to schedule the butchering date for our remaining turkeys and roosters. The homestead hog is heading in for butchering in two weeks. I'm busy making "dates" for all my female goats to ensure a nice supply of bouncing babies this Spring!

I've been tempted by Craigslist to buy several more piglets. And dairy goats. It's a sickness really. I collect farm animals like some people collect fiesta ware!

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Discovering Montessori said...

Wow! You do quite a bit of juggling. I am also in a similar situation as well I homeschool my 8,11,and 13 year old as well as operate a preschool in my home. It is fun, but a lot of work! I love reading your post keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing.