Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Truth Revealed

Today marks the first day of my Living on a Shoestring Budget series. I know that everybody has a different definition of shoestring so I thought I'd reveal our monthly income.

My husband currently works at a local factory that is predicting layoffs will start in about three weeks. His current hourly rate is $10.72 and he works between 38-40 hours a week. Once deductions are taken out he brings home around $370.00 weekly.

I am a stay at home homeschooling mother, I run our small farm, and I've started babysitting full time. I have one full time child and I earn $75 a week for her and I also have another family that I provide once a week care for and that brings in $40 a week, bringing my total for the week to $115. The majority of my income goes towards the farm, it provides the feed and any other needs that arise. My income also puts gas in my van and pays for any activities my children are in.

Our monthly combined bring home income is $1940.00 or less. Needless to say our shoestring is pretty small and one misstep or day off can really cause a lot of stress.

Don't miss  tomorrow's post to see how we make our budget work.


TheSpanglerLife said...

You're household income isn't much different from my family's. My husband makes $14/hr (he just got a raise which hasn't gone into effect yet) as a deli clerk at a local grocery store. He works 40 hours a week. He also works three nights a week as a cook at Pizza Hut. I am a SAHM and currently bring in no income. So our monthly income works out to $2516. Our rent for our farm is alot higher then yours though $850. So is our car insurance, electric, and gas because of how far from my husband's work we live. We have three kids,three horses, a llama, a donkey, chickens, a pig, goats, and rabbits! Just wanted to let you know you're not alone with the shoestring budget!

autumn said...

Wow! You have a lot more animals than we do! My kids and I would LOVE to have horses and my girls are begging for a llama...right now we have two dairy goats, a pig, three rabbits, two turkeys, 20 laying hens, three roosters,cats, and a dog. We are planning on adding at least one more dairy goat and maybe a couple more pigs!