Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Homestead Happenings

I love this time of year on our farm! The June bearing strawberries are done for the year, but our ever bearing are still cranking out about a pound ever two days. The wild black raspberries are ripening and so are our red raspberries. The goat is giving plenty of milk for all our family needs as well as enough to give to the pig. 

The garden is starting to really take off. Lots of little green tomatoes are on the   vines. All the zucchini, cucumber, squash and melons are starting to burst forth with blooms! I will admit though that the weeds are starting to come on as well. I'm working on a method to keep those at bay. It's called if you don't work, you don't eat. Every couple days all the kids and my husband and I can be found weeding the entire garden. It's been nice to have everybody working together on something. 

The turkeys and meat chicks are growing well. I might be counting down the days till they meet their maker though! Feed costs are crazy! I don't know if it saves us any money raising our own meat birds, but it is nice that we know how they were raised. 

I thought the Pig and I were becoming friends. I was actually entertaining the thought of keeping her and breeding her. Nope, not gonna happen. She's started escaping again. I am grateful that she only gets into our fenced goat pasture but she traumatizes the poor goats to no end!! I've also realized that I have a healthy fear/respect for this large hog when she decides she wants her head scratched... you scratch her head or she's gonna nip at your feet. 

We took our baby buck to auction over the weekend. I'm now milking our goat twice a day. I still haven't decided if I like my milking schedule, as of right now I'm milking at 8 and 8. I can't believe how fast those twelve hours go by. It seems like I just finished milking and it's time to start again! 

How are things around your homestead? 

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