Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What I Don't Buy and What I Still Do

Many times we focus on reducing our grocery bills or household bills by using coupons or stocking up when a great sale price comes along. I've found one of the best ways to cut those two bills...I just don't buy it! Here's a quick list of some items we no longer purchase.

1. trash bags. I just use plastic grocery bags from the store.
2. paper towels. We cut up old shirts for rags for really messy stuff and use dish towels for the rest.
3. paper plates/utensils. I do not purchase any of these and we do not have a dish washer!! I mean, we do but it's either me or my oldest children. : )
4. household cleaners. I use vinegar and baking soda for all our cleaning needs.
5. organic/gluten free snack food. When we first started our "real" food journey and then our gluten free journey I bought a ton of prepackaged organic/gluten free snacks. Our grocery budget went through the roof!! I've sense become more confident in my gluten free baking so I make 99% of our snacks now. I do shop at a store called Marc's and a bent and dent that sometimes has super cheap prices on gluten free food so I do still purchase probably 1% of our snacks there.

Here's my list of items that I would like to stop buying but having gotten the courage up yet to stop!
1. apple juice/water bottles. My girls love love their apple juice. We were going through insane amounts a month but have now reduced it to 4 gallons a month split between four girls. We live on a farm with a well and I've just always bought bottled water. I need to have our water tested and/or buy a filtration device.
2. laundry soap. I have found a couple of recipes that I'm really interested in trying! I just need to pick a day and make it!
3. coffee creamer. I must find a way to stop using these!! I love my coffee but I just can't drink it black. I have been cutting back on my use of the coffee creamer but I just can't seem to go cold turkey.

What are some things you no longer buy or would like to stop buying?

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Anonymous said...

I use homemade fabric softener, not detergent though. I've been able to get that so cheap lately that I stocked up a good amount.

Jennifer said...

Thanks so much for linking up! I would definitely get your well water checked as that could save you a bundle.

I have mostly quit buying hamburger and hotdog buns and make my own. I don't buy feminine hygiene products as I use the Diva cup. I routinely get pantiliners for free which I do wear with the diva cup. I don't buy juice boxes or soda either.

Amber Marie said...

Have you thought about using gallon jugs and filling them at a grocery store? That's what we do, at about 35 cents a gallon. We also have a Brita filter for things like coffee, tea, juice mixes, etc.