Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Preparing for a Frugal Christmas

We are preparing for a frugal Christmas this year. My husband is self employed and while he is making money it's already budgeted to go for bills. I have started baby sitting a couple days a week to pay for Christmas and I also make gluten free desserts. This year even with those we still won't be having a large Christmas. Here are some ways we're preparing our family for a frugal holiday.

One of the ways that we help curb the gimmes is by not having cable tv. We have an antenna but we only get PBS and we also have Netflix. I'm extremely grateful that neither show commercials. If my kids don't see the ads they don't want the junk!

I only grocery shop once a month and do quick trips to Aldi as needed. I love Aldi because of their cheap prices but also because they don't have a toy aisle!

We don't get a newspaper so my kids don't get to browse through the toy ads.

We have told all the kids that they are getting three gifts total! There will be a gift to open on Christmas Eve and stockings in the morning. Our budget is $50-$60 per child. I've asked each one what they want the most. My goal is to buy that item and pay the best price for it.

I shop all year round. I also check "deal" boards frequently to see if there are any deals worth buying.

We are on a spending freeze until further notice. No eating out, no thrift store trips ( with the kids!), minimal driving, and a reduction of outside activities.

How do you keep costs down at Christmas time?


Donna(mom24boyz) said...

We are under a tight budget as well. I am really focusing on inexpensive and fun things to do over the Christmas season. I am working on a homemade advent calendar to make the countdown enjoyable! I also have uncovered a few awesome homemade gifts for my boys.
My favorite one is this superhero fort kit idea

I also hope to just put extra effort into getting useful and meaningful gifts for my kids...ones that show I put a great deal of thought into them. Good luck on reaching your budget goals!

DaMamma said...

We are practicing many of the money saving stratagies, no cable, just an antenna and net flix at $7 a month. We are hosting a "homemade" Christmas this year with my extended family, all whom usually spend a lot on each person for the holidays. Since I am hosting, as I have in the past, I have sent out an email stating that all gifts are to be homemade or recycled. I put it out there in a "green" manner, but budget is what it really comes down to. My girls and I plan on making some fudge, popcorn balls, and sewing some hair bands and fuzzy socks. As well as giving some self decorated framed pictures. We are purchasing a "family gift" of a new computer for the immediate family, but will also have a few small items I have picked up at the local thrift store for our three school age kids. One thing I would have a hard time doing is staying away from the thrift stores!!

Becky said...

I appreciate so much you posting what you're doing at Christmastime. I as well am trying hard to keep from going deeper in debt. I love Donna's idea of a home-made Advent Calendar, that's a great idea.

The Prudent Homemaker said...

$50 per child would be $300 at my house! I can't imagine spending that much. You can really go far with that amount.

I am making gifts from items that I have on hand. This is our 5th homemade Christmas (of neccessity) and the children know that that's how it works at our house.

One of my children has a birthday before Christmas, so I am also making gifts for that. I have a lot to make still for both things, including some needed clothing items, as well as some fun things (like doll clothes).

I've been working on tutorials for my site today for two of the gifts that I am giving this year (one for Christmas and one for a birthday). I know many others who are doing handmade Christmases as well.