Friday, June 10, 2011

Losses on the Farm

We had a rough day at the Big Blue House, while out looking for eggs one of my daughters made a horrible discovery- a dead chicken. There must have been a coon attack some time late last night/ early this morning. It has proved to be a devastating blow to my girls and surprisingly me. I'm no fan of chickens-- something about them creep me out!!- but I had raised this hen from just a day old and she died a horrible violent death. One that could possibly been prevented with a better coop- which brings me to what we did tonight. My dad and I along with my children re-enforced the coop. We're praying that it keeps the coon out. I'm also anxious to see what morning brings since several of my hens have taken to roosting high in a tree. I put 10 of the girls in and 9 were/are in the trees. Here's hoping that in the morning we find all 19 happy and alive!


Georgi said...

I am sorry, I know the first loss with the chickens is a hard one. Once your chickens come down if you clip their wings they will not be able to fly to the trees.

Jennifer said...

Oh no! I am so sorry! I hope you fixed whatever problem there was and that you don't lose anymore.