Saturday, April 9, 2011

Adventures in the Big Blue House

This is the beginning of our homestead series called Adventures in the Big Blue House. In this series I'll tell you how God moved us from the city to our dream home, you can follow our adventures of buying livestock, see how we manage homeschooling plus two large gardens, and other adventures!

I'm calling this series Adventures in the Big Blue House because our farm house is big and, well, blue!! Our youngest children refer to it all the time as "our blue house"!

A quick background about us- we are a family of seven who have always dreamed of living in the country, raising our kids on a farm, and raise much of our food. However, we were stuck living in town beside a grocery store so we couldn't raise livestock or a very large garden. Our kids couldn't run and explore. We had looked at several different homes for rent in the country but their price was often much higher and moat of the homes heated with propane.
My husband and I made list of things we wanted in our next rental home.
- wood burner
- no propane heat
-not too far from town
- rent had to be less than $800
- had to have at least 3 large bedrooms
- allow indoor pets
- allow for garden space and livestock
Now that's a long list!! I finally realized that I needed to be content where we were so I actually stopped looking for rentals. That's when God moved!!! We were asked if we wanted to move into a 4 bedroom house, twice the square footage of the house we were in, room for gardens and livestock, woods, creeks, and much more. And the best thing?? The rent was even LESS than what we were paying!!

So, here we are a month later in our big blue house. Today we bought some chicks and next weekend the goats come! We've added another rabbit and we are tilling up the gardens this week.


~Sara said...

SO happy for you! You are living my dream as well. Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures!

Jennifer said...

it sounds perfect! I can't wait to hear more of your story.