Monday, February 14, 2011

Long Time, No Post

Sorry for the unexpected blogging break!! I am knee deep in home renovations!! We have lived in our rental home for almost five years and have decided to rip down the hideous wallpaper. Luckily for us my dad is a professional house painter and is helping me make everything look nice.
This week we're working on finishing my laundry room and starting on the kitchen. I actually remembered to take some before pictures so I'll be able to show the before and after of the rooms.

We've also been busy homeschooling. This has been a productive year so far and reassuring. I finally feel like I've found a great rut to run in. I'm confident on our curriculum and I know what works for us. It's exciting to know that I won't be shelling out hundreds of dollars on the wrong curriculum next year.

I've also been planning this years garden. I'm planning on planting more early crops. There will be upcoming blog posts about my garden plans.

We're down to the last two weeks of basketball so that's a relief. However, 4-H just started!! There's always something going on with five kids!!

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Jennifer said...

Sounds fun! I am in the calm before the storm. Softball season starts up for my dh (he is a coach) in 2 weeks. Baseball season for both boys starts just a couple of weeks after that. My life will be insane and I will be spending a lot of time in the car or at the ball field. Not looking forward to it! How did your no spend month end up?