Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kitchen Goals for 2011

In the past year we made the switch to live gluten free and while we've done pretty well we would still cheat sometimes. This year is the year of no cheating! We are going completely gluten free. I'm learning to make all of our favorite foods gluten free so I feel much more confident about being completely gluten free.

Another goal is to radically reduce our amount of sugar that we consume. I know without a doubt this will be our hardest goal to achieve. However, I'm also convinced that this will bring the most healing to our bodies.

I'm also planning to make yogurt, granola, and gluten free bread every Monday. This will eliminate the need to buy boxed cereal and sweetened yogurt. I enjoy having granola on hand for the extremely busy mornings that creep up at times.

We are also continuing our consumption of raw milk and 100% grass fed beef and pasture raised chicken. We did fall off the wagon at the end of last year and I know our health suffered from it.

Do you have any kitchen goals this year?

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