Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When it Doesn't Make Sense

Right now in my small hometown there is a missing family. There are so many unknowns. One child was found but her mom, brother, and family friend are still missing. It's times like these that I shake my head in disbelief, in our small town things like this don't happen. We see the same people week after week. It feels like we know everybody. It felt like we were safe. How quickly things change! As of tomorrow the family will have been missing a week. The kidnapper is in custody. But they haven't found the rest. It's an unfinished story that has us all on edge.

Things like this makes us hold our children closer, smile at our neighbors. We're all thinking and wondering the same things. How could this happen here? In our quiet little hometown? What can we do?

We search with our neighbors for hours. We pray. We hope.

Please pray for these families involved and my hometown.

Until they all come home we believe in miracles.


lisa said...

I am praying for the little girl for healing and am praying for her family...Oh so sad...Lisa

Jennifer said...

I was just watching on the news. I have been wondering what the little girl they found knows. So very sad!

Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

I am praying!
Yes~we need to hold our loved ones a little closer!
Blessings and Peace from Missouri~