Friday, November 26, 2010

Surviving Self Employment

Today is Black Friday and I'm sure many of you went shopping. I usually go but this year I didn't see any awesome deals that begged buy me!

There were a couple of things that were on sale at Walmart that started at 12:01 this morning so I headed out at 11 pm. The store was crowded and I watched as people staked out their spots by things they planned on purchasing. I had already filled my cart with the 6 things that were on my list so I was just waiting and killing time until I could check out. I was amazed at how much people were buying. It seemed like they were feeding off of each other. If so and so was buying whatever then they were too.

I realized something right then- when I go shopping with others I tend to spend more. Last night I spent exactly $37.42- if money stops flowing in our Christmas could be finished now. My plan is still to spend less than $100 out of pocket for our family. I'm not including any money made by selling things to consignment or money earned in Swagbucks. I'm hopeful that I'll earn my full trade in credit from Amazon and if I do I'll have $75 to use for presents.

The best feeling of all is that my husband knows that he can trust me to stay in our budget. He can feel and see how much I'm supporting his dreams.

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