Thursday, September 9, 2010

Homestead Happenings

We've been busy around our homestead!! Our oldest started public school this week- so far it seems to be going okay. I'm still homeschooling our younger four so we're plenty busy!!

The girls and I have been picking lots of red raspberries from our garden as well as melons and tomatoes. I didn't pull up our cucumber plants yet and they seem to be thriving on this cooler air! The plants are bursting with baby cucumbers!! I hope it still warms up for a few more weeks, I have hundreds of green tomatoes on the plants as well as tons of baby peppers! I don't want to lose any of them!

We managed to get some free surplus veggies today so we're going to be canning more salsa tomorrow. My grapes I ordered should be coming in soon as well.

We've also been busy working on our budget. It's amazing to see how much money we save when we just don't spend it! We've been using a cash only system and it's working great! We've been practicing being content in all things and it has been a huge blessing.

How are things around your homestead?

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