Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Money Saving Ideas

Do you ever read a book on frugal living and think "I do ALL of these things already!!"? Are you in need of some frugal encouragement? Are you burnt out on saving money? I just want to encourage you to keep going. It is hard to live within your means. It takes work and sweat to swim against the stream and stay at home with your children. I want to encourage you not to throw in the towel--don't quit. Don't start using that credit card or use your debit card freely. Here are some of the ways we live on one income and thrive ( usually!!)

* Grow our food. We raised meat chickens this year and I expanded my gardens. I am working on canning and freezing enough produce that we won't need much during the winter. I'm also working on building a cold frame to extend our growing season. I'm also going to try growing a pepper plant, tomato plant, parsley, and lettuce indoors.

* buy our clothes at the thrift store. We do not buy new clothes unless absolutely needed. If I can't find what we need at the thrift stores or yard sales I check out Once Upon a Child. I always try to have something to sell at the consignment store and that helps lower my out of pocket cost. We're also big fans of hand me downs!!

* We don't have cable anymore. We use netflix or the library to watch dvds or tv shows.

*We say "no" a lot. I want to give my kids everything but it isn't possible. We've had to turn down classes and lessons because the funding isn't there.

* We do NOT buy new toys. The only time we buy new toys is for Christmas or birthdays. All other toys are from yard sales or thrift stores.

* I cut every body's hair- even mine!! I don't color my hair anymore either.

* I make most of our household cleaning supplies. We have gone "no-poo" and are using my stockpile of free toothpaste and deodorant- when those run out I'll be making those too!

* I grocery shop once a month. It is much easier to do in the summer because we're eating from the garden but I love doing this when school starts too. It frees up so much time and I try to make it fun--recently one of my best friends has been joining me!!!

What are some of your best money saving tips?

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Anonymous said...

I've heard about stopping shampoo and how it's so much better for your hair. What do you use on it now and does it really make a difference? Thanks.