Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Freezer Cooking

We've recently made some changes to our diet- more than half of my family now eats gluten free. I had planned to feed all of us a gluten free diet but my husband and son just aren't digging it yet so I had been making two different meals at breakfast and lunch. It was just too hard to figure out a good gluten free lunch that would fill up my hubby that didn't take an hour to make!!

However, I finally figured out a solution!! I've always been a huge fan of freezer cooking but I only made dinners. I decided to make a months worth of breakfast sandwiches and lunches like brown bag burritos and pizza rolls so instead of cooking two meals I only need to heat his up!!
My girls and I enjoy baked potatoes and salads or gluten free pasta and my hubby and son get filled up too!

Cooking gluten free and gluten filled works for me!


lisa said...

My daughter in law is gluten free and we made gluten free mac and is expensive to buy the rice noodles and rice flour..She has one semester of college left and she needed something quick to eat..We made a big batch of the mac and cheese and she froze it in serving size freezer bags..She pulls them out for lunch or dinner..I loved how it came out..the rice flour made the cheese sauce so silky looking and it tasted great..

Jessica can have corn...We came up with corn tortillas that are gluten free and she makes pizzas with them...She is trying different things on them...


lisa said...

also there is a website that you can order things from...Jessica found some gluten free bread...

Lisa said...

You and I are the same in that way. My son and husband also do not need to be Gluten Free. My daughter and I are I'm finding resistance with them as well. Well, more from my son actually. All dinners are Gluten Free (mandatory). Lunches are leftover dinners making sure I always have enough for leftovers.

Its tricky too since my daughter and I have been cross contaminated. I need separate pans, separate toasters, separate cutting boards.

Maybe we could collaborate our ideas.