Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Homestead Update

We lost a chicken yesterday. He hung himself in the corner of our makeshift brooder. I was worried how the kids were going to handle his death.... I shouldn't have worried, they were impressed with how long the chicken's neck was!!! I found that I was upset my it though. It's never fun to find an animal dead. We're all learning about the best ways to raise our chicks!!!!

We picked some of the last strawberries last night. We had a pretty good year and I think had we not all gotten sick it would have been even better. We lost a full week of picking and the bugs found the ripe strawberries so we lost some berries.

I'm almost done planting our shared garden. We put in 12 red and yellow pepper plants, 6 rows of sweet corn, and more tomato plants!! I still need to plant potatoes this week. I still have some room to plant more so I might buy more sweet corn or just fill it up with potatoes.

Everything seems to be growing well. We picked five tomatoes yesterday and I'll be picking peas and more broccoli today. I love watching everything grow!! I do need to get caught up on the weeding-we've had so much rain this summer that it's been hard to find a dry spell that lasts long enough!! Our cucumbers and zucchini all have blooms and we're eagerly anticipating the first fresh cucumber!!

How is your garden growing?

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