Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Look Back on Our School Year

We've wrapped up another home school year. I sit here watching my two youngest daughters walking through our home with babies in carriers on their backs and pushing strollers with another baby in it. My son is working on his 4-H demonstration. I can't help but smile, the year was a tough one. My oldest is entering the teenage years and we've butted heads several times this year. It has been tempting to throw in the towel and holler for the yellow bus! One of my daughters struggles with ADD and reading is extremely difficult for her. I have second guessed myself about homeschooling her at least 50 times a day. My middle child was a little overlooked in the school department this year due to the two oldest who drained me emotionally every single day.

I can't help but wonder did I do enough? Are they learning? Am I failing them?
The answers are different for every family. People looking in might not see my success. My daughter still struggles with reading but she loves to sit beside me and read with me. She enjoys reading her Bible with me each morning. She is confident and happy. She excels at homemaking tasks and is learning to garden and take care of animals. She also is an awesome gymnast!
My son has struggled trying to figure who he is. Is a boy or teen? It's been a hard battle, at times he still acts like a child and then he acts so mature! He has been my go to person to watch the little girls-my youngest loves him! He is learning to be a great brother and someday a dad by playing with our little girls. He has excelled at his school work and is working on learning to be a photographer by watching his dad. He went on work and witness trips to the inner city and learned that life isn't always fun.
My middle child is a work in progress! She is my drama queen!! This year she came out of her older sister's shadow and became a wonderful ballerina! She grew in self confidence and for the first time would go to classes without a sibling. She also loves to help with cooking and the animals. She is gaining confidence in her school work and who she is. I see some of the same struggles in her that my son is having right now- is she a big girl or one of the littles?

I also judge our success on other things. My kids get along well for the most part. They have to-we are with each other 24/7 in a small house. They demand we go to church and enjoy reading their Bible. My children are content with fewer things. They expect to help in the garden, with animals, with caring for each other. They understand that we have fewer material goods in exchange for me being at home.

Looking back I'd say our year was successful.


Donna(mom24boyz) said...

We all have those days of second guessing ourselves...and I hear you on the teen boy thing! I have been going through the exact same thing this year. I think it is just simply a hard age period..whether homeschooled or not. Just wanted you to know that you are not alone sista! You are write to just sit back and look at all the good...Satan wants us all to see failure and not success. Blessings to you and yours!

Jennifer said...

There are certainly struggles with homeschooling, but there are struggles with sending the kids to school too. Just different ones at different times of day. You are doing great.