Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekly Plan

Lately it seems like the days are gone before I know it and I haven't gotten anything done!! We've wrapped up our home school year but we are even busier now than before! One of the things I've been doing is planning different activities for each day of the week. For example Monday is our cleaning day. I don't go any where on Mondays and focus completely on deep cleaning and doing laundry.
Tuesdays are our day to focus on the yard. We mow and weed the garden. I also do more laundry.
Wednesdays are church days and baking days. I bake for our family on Wednesday. I plan to bake our bread, cookies, and other snacks during the morning leaving the afternoon free for 4-H and church. I also make our pancake, waffle, cookie dough, etc mixes during this time.
Thursdays are a more relaxed day. We do have gymnastics in the evening but during the day I focus on making freezer meals. I'm a huge fan of "dump" cooking so I can easily get a weeks worth of meals done in two hours.
Fridays are fun/baking days. We plan to hang with friends every Friday. I also bring different items to bake along with me. I do this for several reasons- I might need taste testers and it keeps my kids entertained so I can focus on making angel food cakes for the Farmer's Market!
Saturdays are Farmer's Market days. My morning starts early so I can make fresh doughnuts to sell. We relax the rest of the day.
Sundays are church days and a day to spend at home enjoying each other.

Having a weekly schedule works for me


Lynn said...

Yours sounds like a fun schedule, too! I agree, the week just seems to go better if you have a focus for the day. I don't always do it, but when I do I find I feel less frazzled. When things come up, I can tell myself, "I don't need to do that today. That's something I will tackle on Friday." Makes for a less stressful week, doesn't it?

Missy said...

I am still working on my new summer schedule. My kids still have a couple of weeks left of school. It does help me have a schedule. It really cuts down on the stress