Thursday, April 8, 2010

Frugal Friday- Cutting Costs

A great way to reduce your grocery budget is to cook from scratch, one of the ways I do this is by looking at what we're buying the most of and find a homemade substitute. I used to drink a lot of pop and bottled water until I did the math- it was costing me over $50 a month!! I decided I would keep a pitcher of tap water in the fridge instead saving me money.

We like to get fast food on the weekends but for a family of seven a trip to Wendy's can cost us $30!! I buy chicken nuggets, chicken patties, and shoe string fries at Costco and now I can make a homemade fast food dinner and save a ton!!

This also applies to gardening. We eat a ton of fruits and veggies so I looked to see what we ate the most of. My kids love fruit so last year we planted 3 strawberry patches, red raspberries, and blue berries.
We also only plant veggies that we will eat. It can be so tempting to buy one of everything but if you don't like broccoli and you grow it you're wasting money and space!!!

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Forever Neighbor said...

Hi! I have just started making homemade chicken nuggets and they are soooooo good!!! My son said they are his favorite and he is my picky eater! Just let me know if you would like the is very simple. Also, I wanted to tell you that the Snicker Doodle Cake is a HUGE HIT in my house. I have had to double the recipe. I made a double batch this morning and they are gone already!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing the recipe!!!