Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Things have been hopping around here. We have finished two square foot gardens, planted 15 black raspberry plants, and cleaned up the yard. We also planted lettuce last week.

The weather has been wonderful. I've had laundry on the line every day. We've also been able to turn off the heat. I wish the weather would stay this nice!!

I'm still looking at ways to cut our expenses. Our oldest has gymnastics for one more month, after that we'll be saving $40 a month. We are on a complete spending freeze this month. No movies, yard sales, or trips to the thrift store. My goal is $50 for the month for our household spending and $60 for gas. I'll also be using only cloth diapers/wipes during the day so a pack of diapers should last a month.

We have heard a little about our dream home. It sounds like it's a very real possibility, right now we're waiting to find out what it appraises for. Once we know that we will be able to decide what we want to do.

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Jennifer said...

We planted our lettuce last week too. Also peas and potatoes. I love this time of year and am not ready for the cold weather to return - but in OH I know it will at least one more time.