Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Bulk Food Purchases

I believe in buying in bulk. My family grocery shops once a month. I know that might not work for your family but I love not needing to go to the grocery store every week. I had been wanting to visit our Costco for awhile and on Saturday my hubby and I took the kids to "town".

I was shocked at their prices. Here's a list of my best buys-
3 12oz natural no nitrate bacon $9.95--- saving of $9 ( I was paying $5.95 for 1 12 oz package!!!)
3 1lb packages of nitrate/ all natural beef hot dogs $9.95--savings of $4
Kerry gold grass fed butter 3 8oz packages $6.87--savings of $2
15lb organic brown rice $13
huge bottle of organic olive oil $9.00

I would estimate that I saved at least $75.00 by shopping at Costco than heading to Trader Joe's and Whole foods. I did not purchase all organic items...I saved a lot by purchasing some of my hubby's junk food here.

I am also picking up an order of 50lb of grass fed local ground beef later this week. I will not need to go to a store for the rest of the month unless we run low on fruit/fresh veggies.

How do you grocery shop? Once a month? Or more?
Do you purchase items in bulk?

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Jami@ An Oregon Cottage said...

Hi there, I've been reading some of your back posts, seeing your transition from coupon shopping to real foods because I'm on the same journey! I'm now inspired to look for these items at our Costco- I haven't seen them before, I hope they carry them. Thanks for the post!

I'd also be curious to see what are the best deals you've found on real foods at TJ's. I'm very nervous to spend all this money when I had worked so hard to get our grocery budget down. :-) Has your monthy spending gone up at all?