Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 Goal Update

We are almost three months into 2010 so I thought it was time to review my goals for 2010.
* Focus on canning more produce!
* Expand our garden
* Begin living Philippians 4:8
* Save $5000 in 2010
* Continue eating real foods
* Every other month will be a no spend month
* No eating out for an entire year.
* make a daily routine and stick to it!

*** My gardening goal appears to be on the way...
I will be adding at least three or four new square foot gardens in addition to my other various garden plots. If we have a good growing year I should have plenty of produce to can. I'm definetly planning on canning more potatoes, pizza sauce, ketchup, veggie soup, and green beans. Oh- and a lot more grape juice. We really went through it like crazy!!

** Our real food diet is going well. I've been buying many items in bulk and we have drasticly cut our amount of organic junk food. My goal is by April that we won't buy anything that has been processed. **

** every other month will be no spend.This means that every other month I will only spend the necessary money- like bills, dance/gymnastics, raw milk/eggs, and bills. My goal with this is to break my spending habits. I buy things we don't need to save money... for example I'll check thrift stores just to see if there's anything we need. I won't have an actual list of things we need. My hubby is trying to start a photography business and we need to keep our budget in check so that can become a possibility. I'm also hoping this will help me achieve the goal of $5000 in savings by December!!

** No eating out for a year...
Okay this one is way hard. We have actually eaten out about five times. Sometimes it was due to me being sick and other times because my hubby wanted to surprise the kids. We are still attempting to go the rest of the year without eating out. We all feel so much better when we avoid fast food.

How are your goals coming along?


Molly said...

Do you have any posts with your recipes for the things you preserve? Also I would love pics and tutes on your square foot gardening. I am planning ours and would love some tips on which plants go best together. Also would just like to see what yours looks like. Thanks

Jennifer said...

Hi Autumn, I remember you have said before that when you make your own yogurt that it was runny. At least I think you said that. I just found this page with an extra step to help with that. It looks so good, I might try it myself. Anyway, here is the link if you are intersted.