Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weekly Grocery Shopping

I do one huge monthly grocery shopping trip in the "big" city. We hit Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Raisin Rack. Once a week I head to our local Kroger store to pick up some more fresh fruit and buy my husband his pop. Here's what I picked up this week...

1lb of strawberries
2 packages of red raspberries
coffee creamer
2 12 packs of pop
a loaf of sweet bread (marked down to $.69!)
1 cup of yogurt (I'm making our own this week!)
Total $7.00 after using a Kroger gift card

I also do a bulk food trip and today I decided to visit our local Seventh Day Adventist grocery store and I bought a 50lb of unbleached flour for $.41lb!! I was pretty happy about that's the cheapest I've found flour.

How did your shopping go this week?

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Mama Turtle Elizabeth said...

Hi Autumn,
You did great this week. I am showing this week how to make sourdough bread. Come join me.