Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Baking

I love to bake. I don't even mind cleaning up the mess. I have to share my favorite homemade doughnut recipe ever. It's pretty easy to make but it takes awhile because they need to have time to rise. I brought these doughnuts to our home school Nerf war and all the moms and kids gave these 5 stars!

Okay- my son told me that I shouldn't share my recipe because it wouldn't be my recipe any more. I won't tell you that I found it on recipezaar or that it's called Krispy Kreme copy cat recipe. So if you really want the recipe you can find it. But trust me if you make it- be prepared for awesomeness.

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Anonymous said...

I tried these doughnuts this morning and they are delicious! Next time I think I will add more yeast to lighten them up a little more, though. Thanks for 'posting' this recipe.