Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas at our Homestead

The weather was nice again today so the kids and I cleaned up the yard for the last time till Spring. We covered the strawberry patches with straw and put away all the garden stuff. We also brought up our Christmas lights.

My husband isn't as into Christmas as the rest of us so he leaves the decorating to me and the kids. Today I realized why I usually hang up the lights by myself!! However, in the spirit of the season all five of the kids helped hang up the lights and now the outside of our home says Welcome Christmas!

We've been listing to Christmas music and I've been baking every day. I'm going to start burning my Christmas candles tomorrow.

I've looked through the gift closet and made my shopping list. We are planning on four gifts per child focusing on one main gift and three smaller ones. I've made my list of homemade presents and what I need to make. I am stocked on Christmas wrapping paper. I also sat down today and made our December meal plan and tomorrow I'll work on my grocery list. The kids and I are watching our first Christmas special of the year.

How are your Christmas preparations going?

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