Friday, October 2, 2009

The Thermostat

One of the many things we do to try to keep our utility bills down is by setting a goal for when we turn on the air conditioner and the heat. Our air conditioner goal is August 1 and our heat goal is November 1. Now these aren't set in stone...if we get a wicked freaky early snow storm we turn on the heat but usually we can manage by wearing more clothes during the day and adding some extra blankets to our bed at night. I also do a lot of baking on the cooler days so the oven can help heat up the house. We have a gas furnace and it costs us usually 90.00 a month and that's keeping it set at 66 degrees so every month we keep it turned off is more money saved.

We also set a turn off date as well. The air goes off on September 1 and the heat May 1. Sometimes the heat goes off in April depending on the weather.

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Jennifer said...

Ugh, we have already turned our heat on. With nights in the low 40's and days only about 10 degrees warmer, our house got cool quickly. Low 60's inside is not my cup of tea. So we have been turning it on at night, but once it warms up for the day it can usually hold its temperature so it doesn't come back on.

The Prudent Homemaker said...

We have had to run our a/c for a few weeks in February before (and I keep it to 79º!). Usually it goes on by April (when it is often over 100º here). I just turned it off yesterday, and I hope I don't have to run it again, as it is supposed to warm up again today (though not back into the high 90ºs, like it was on Monday).

We are looking forward to having it cool enough this month to keep the windows open most (if not all) of the day.

It's nice to have it cool again!

We have very mild winters here, and my children are so excited to play outside again without itbeing too hot!

Audra said...

Love that idea! We try to minimize our use of both heat and a/c as well. We've had the heat on at night since it's been frosty in the mornings (and the baby can't use blankets yet), but I think we're finally on a roll! We keep the a/c at 73 in the summer and heat at 67 in the winter. We are very thankful that a previous owner put new windows in this old 100 year old house!

Anonymous said...

I used to do something similar to this...when I owned a home and had a programmable thermostat. Now that I live in an upstairs apartment there is no way I could have a turn off date for the AC...

I'm thankful we haven't had to use the AC or heat for the past week though...I'm hoping to get to Nov. without having to turn the heat on (we have really old CEILING heat in this apartment...not the most cost friendly! I think I'm going to just get space heaters this year!)